KC Perm

KC Perm

Perfect curls

With KC Professional’s high-quality and modern permanent wave products your customer will get just the right kind of curls, taking into account the customer's individual needs. KC Perm Keratin products provide strong, classic curls – easily and safely. Completely fragrance free and ammonia-free Multiwave Sensitive series is ideally suited, for example, for more sensitive customers. The end result is beautiful, flexible and natural curls.

KC Perm Keratin
Strong curling agent for classic permanent processing. Keratin repairs possible structure damages in hair related to curling. Contains collagen and jojoba oil, which protect, moisturize and nourish hair and skin after curling. After treatment with KC Perm Keratin hair is vibrant and shiny and curls are beautifully resilient. Mildly scented. Available in three strengths for various types of hair: 0 – hard to curl; 1 – normal and 2 – colored, porous and/or chemically treated hair.

KC Perm Neutralizer & KC Perm Quick Neutralizer
Ready-to-use universal fixers for permanent-waves. Does not contain coloring agents and perfume.

Multiwave Sensitive
The KC Perm Multiwave Sensitive product uses technology that enables you to permanently curly hair safely without irritating the hair or scalp. This produces flexible and beautiful curls. Does not contains thioglycolate – suitable even for sensitive scalps. Available in three strengths for various types of hair.