KC Blonde

KC Blonde

The Revolution of Lightening

When your goal is to achieve as high quality lightening results as possible, KC Blonde provides you with the premium tools for all lightening work. Now you can lighten hair in a much more gentle way than before and create healthy, pure blonde results for every lightening client. A clear, brilliant shade in shiny, vibrant and bouncy hair is the ideal result that your clients deserve, and now you can achieve it easier than ever, with KC Blonde products.

All KC Blonde products feature the new KC Shield technology, which prevents structural damages and maintains the hair’s good condition during the lightening process. The product line includes a lightening powder KC Blonde Multibleach, which protects hair effectively from the stress of lightening, a selection of elegantly translucent KC Blonde Toner shades as well as the conditioning developer for the toners, KC Blonde Activator. The stylish Toner shades CARAMEL, PEARL, ROSÉ, ROSE GOLD and VIOLET create the perfect toning for a base that has been lightened to a pure blonde. As a result, you will get reliably pure, clear and cool tones in healthy, shiny hair.

Clients can also ask for color changes from dark to light, which traditionally require multiple lightenings, or delicate, nuanced pastel colors that need a pure blonde base to turn out perfectly. Instead of a long lightening process and many salon visits, you can now create these types of results with KC Blonde products during just one salon visit.

With KC Blonde, you can safely lighten hair even four consecutive times during one visit*, without washing the hair between applications, taking as little as half the time compared to a traditional lightening process. This means that you are able to reach a pure blonde result during one salon visit and save a significant amount of time compared to a traditional way of lightening hair. The hair’s condition remains good because of the KC Shield technology, which prevents the damages that are easily caused by traditional lightening products.

*Requires hair that is in good condition