Success Story

The company behind KC Professional products, Miraculos Oy, is the second biggest product manufacturer and wholesaler in Finland. Our brands are market leaders in several categories in Finland. Our success is based on our strong knowledge and experience at salon retail and our winning education concept.

Out of the 10 000 hair salons in Finland, 5000 of them are buying products from us. Over 3500 hairdressers attend to our educational events and courses annually. The keys to success are now within your reach as well. Founded 1997 and acquired 2014 by Transmeri Group (est. 1929) with AAA credit rating, we are a solid and trustworthy partner for professional distributors all around the globe. If you are interested to become a distributor in your market area, contact:

Mr. Arto Välimäki
Director of International Business
Mobile +358 50 559 6595