We all know the feeling when it has been a while since your last hair coloring visit at a salon and your natural color is showing clearly at the roots and making your hairstyle look undesirable. It is especially annoying when you have an important event or a party coming up and you have no time to get your hair colored to hide the root growth.

Four Reasons Root Cover is a tinted root growth covering spray which is designed to temporarily blend the visible root growth area and grey hair between salon visits. Root Cover also gives texture and volume to the hair as well as a fresh feeling to the roots.

Root Cover can be used to darken the root, e.g. in light hair and to accentuate details of the hairstyle as well as creating various effects with a freehand technique or by using different stencils to create patterns.

Choose the suitable shade from four shades. How long the shade lasts depends on the hair’s natural color, porosity and the shade used. Color wash out off the hair with shampoo, use deep cleansing shampoo if needed.

Shade selection:

Black Swan | For black hair
Chocolate | For brown hair
Espresso | For dark, cool brown hair
Latte | For light brown hair (available in June 2017)

Four Reasons Root Cover