We are very excited to be introducing a completely new product range called Back to the Roots.

Back to the Roots is a range developed for the wellbeing of the scalp with aroma therapeutic scents from natural lavender, bergamot, rosemary, tea tree and menthol essential oils. No artificial perfumes have been used in the formulations. The main idea of the range is to offer a luxurious, spa-like experience instead of the more traditional and medicinal looking pharmacy ranges for treating scalp issues.

The range is very unisex in its look and purpose, and has stylish, modern packaging and products for treating various problems and irritations. Back to the Roots products relieve many scalp conditions, from dandruff and itching to oiliness. The appearance of the range will be modern, elegant and appealing to both men and women.

Back to the Roots

The range includes 6 products:

Balancing Shampoo 
A calming shampoo with pea protein and natural betaine moisturize and balance a sensitive, dry scalp and also relieve itching. A calming lavender scent.

Clarifying Shampoo
Efficiently cleansing shampoo reduces scalp irritation. A good choice for oily hair. A fresh rosemary scent.

Exfoliating Shampoo 
Gentle grains of organic rice and lactic acid lightly exfoliate the scalp. A good choice for a scalp with dandruff. A refreshing bergamot scent.

Stimulating Conditioner
Hair and scalp restoring conditioner. Refreshes, prevents frizz and adds manageability.

Revitalizing Hair Tonic
Moisturizes, stimulates and cools the scalp and maintains its wellbeing. A fresh tea tree oil scent.

Nourishing Scalp Cream
Moisturizing leave-in treatment cream. Contains glycerine, natural betaine and conditioning oils. A calming lavender scent.

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