The Four Reasons Black Edition range will expand this fall with four new, innovative styling products. Create the most desirable hairstyles of the fall with these new styling products that are about to become true classics!

Read more about the new styling products:

Beauty Primer

When you are looking for

  • reconstructive product, which moisturizes and smooths hair at the same time.
  • structure and volume to build the hairstyle on.
  • an effectively conditioning product without a flattening effect.

Beauty Primer is a unique, repairing hair cream that conditions and moisturizes hair while providing structure, volume and shine. Evens out the differences in the porosity of the hair structure caused e.g. by chemical treatments. Prepares hair for the use of other hair styling products. Weightless composition that will not flatten hair. Adds volume and body when applied to dry hair.

Visible Silver Dry Shampoo

When you are looking for

  • product that neutralizes warm tones and is suitable for cool blonde hair.
  • the feeling of fresh hair and to remove excess oiliness from the root area.
  • base product that gives texture and the lift at the roots for any hairstyle.

Visible Silver Dry Shampoo is a silver hair powder. Blends well into light hair, gives a velvety finish and adds body and volume while gently neutralizing warm tones. Absorbs excess oil and also subtly fades root growth.

All Day Volume Spray

When you are looking for

  • a product to work on and finish the hairstyle.
  • abundant volume and a lightweight, natural finish.
  • control over the strength of the hold - spray more layers to increase the hold level.

All Day Volume Spray is volume-building styling spray for shaping hair and fixing the hairstyle. Gives hair body, lightweight feeling and long-lasting, flexible hold.

Shimmering Spray

When you are looking for

  • a luxurious and elegant finishing for the hairstyle.
  • luster and pearly shimmer.
  • a light and natural hold for hairstyle.

Shimmering Spray is a finishing spray with a pearly sheen. Provides light hold and puts a classy finish on hairstyles.


Four Reasons Black Edition is a premium selection of modern, technically advanced products which were developed to meet hairdressers’ needs and demands. The Black Edition line makes professional styling and finishing products available for everybody – at a smart Four Reasons price.