New Classics by Four Reasons – Hair Fashion Collection Autumn 2018

A classic is something timeless and recognizable that stays fashionable when seasonal trends come and go. You can also modernize classic cuts and colors to seamlessly merge them with contemporary trends. A modern classic can be a mint green, knife-cut short style or a long, soft ombre lightening, glazed with lavender.

Born out of a combination of tradition and new creative elements, this fall seasons’s KC Collection presents an inspiring selection of modern, new classics. New Classics is a versatile ensemble of modern fall feeling, soft lines and muted KC Color Luxima  Earth Tones, spiced with stylish, smoky pastels.

The collection joins the present moment with the future: it takes its shapes and lines from classic cuts and colors, which are then modernized with the techniques and new shades of the fall season.

Four Reasons New Classics Collection Autumn 2018

Fresh ideas for salon work

As always with a new Collection, we want to offer stylists new ideas and inspiration for the daily fall season salon work with the New Classics collection. Our goal is to create new classics through both cuts and color work, but also through a fabulous, modern shade palette. The collection contains an interesting assortment of styles that can be used in daily salon work, and all the looks contain a few similar features that connect and bring the whole collection together. New Classics provides plenty of new ideas and alternatives for coloring and cutting hair as well as tips and techniques for using the fall’s new Luxima and KC Blonde Toner shades.

Four Reasons New Classics Collection Autumn 2018

The hair trends of the fall: natural looks, metallic shine and stylish pastels 

The main trend of the fall season is using natural, soft lines and elegant pastel tones combined with earthy shades. Highlights and ombre colors; soft contrasts or strong, clear shades to support the shapes of the cut in shorter hair. Luxima’s new Earth Tones shades are perfect for creating the trendy ”supermodel color”: since the rich Earth Tones shades are look very natural, the hair does not look colored, just stylish and thoughtfully finished. 

Four Reasons New Classics Collection Autumn 2018

Exciting new shades for fall

Luxima is the modern stylist’s trusted tool, and with the arrival of the new shades, you can use Luxima in a wider range of color work. The Earth Tones shades bring a natural-look addition to the selection for creating results that look uncolored but still gorgeously tone-rich. Also, the new Pure Pastels shades make Luxima’s shade selection even more versatile with the new translucent tones; now you can use Luxima to color hair mint, light blue or lavender.  Delicious apricot, rose and peach shades are also a part of the Pure Pastels shade collection.

The third new shade launch, KC Blonde Toner Metallic Duos expand the shade selection of the Toners into a more deeper direction tonally. There are four new shades with a lighter and darker version for each shade, making the modern Shadowroot results easy to create.  You can color three-dimensional results that feature different depths in the same tonal range, with a fantastic metallic finish. 

KC Blonde Toner Metallic

International action

The hair artists behind the New Classics collection were naturally Finland’s own KC Team, this time working together with the KC International Education Team. This was our first collaboration with our international educators, and we were delighted to have Ari Koponen from Sweden, Max Groote from the Netherlands, Dmitriy Azarov and Anastasia Zhuk from Russia as well as Jane Ibrus from Estonia assisting us. We wanted to create a closer cooperation with our international KC family and get a new, fresh angle to the Collection and also for the photoshoot for the new Toner shades. All international educators were such a pleasure to work with and we are very happy to have been able to borrow their creative talent during the Collection/Toner shooting week. 

KC Team International