Four Reasons Black Edition series is complemented with a delicious scented, luxuriously foaming and conditioning hair care products. All Black Edition cleanse and care products moisturizes, gives body and color protection. The range currently includes two shampoos, conditioner and conditioning wash.

Cleansing and conditioning products cleanse and treat the hair while also preparing the hair for styling. The cleansing products are chosen according to the hair and scalp condition, and chemical treatments. Almost every type of hair needs color protection, extra body and moisture. However, the hair quality and possible chemical treatments determine what kind of conditioning properties the hair needs the most.

Choose your cleansing and conditioning products based on the current features of your hair:

  • Hair quality
  • Chemical treatments
  • Washing routines
  • Hair and scalp condition
  • Hair properties that you want to highlight or control

Almost all hair types need different amounts of color protectionextra body and moisture. All Black Edition cleanse and care products contain these conditioning features - choose the perfect product according to what your hair needs the most. 

Four Reasons Black Edition Cleanse and Condition products are designed for daily hair care by taking into account the current needs of the hair, and to add a hint of luxury to your hair washing experience. Black Edition cleansing products, recommended by consultative hairdressers, provide customers with a moment of everyday luxury, with a delicious scent and the opportunity to achieve professional results even at home.

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